Full Version: Rep. Rosa DeLauro to Propose Tax Credits for Gun Surrenders
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Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced a bill on Monday that, if passed, would give a $2,000 tax credit, over a two-year period, for owners of “assault weapons” who turn their guns in to police.

According to DeLauro, the proposed legislation, called the SAFER (Support Assault Firearm Elimination and Reduction) Street Act, “is based on an idea that was brought to me by a small-business man in my district” who is a veteran and the owner of an AR-15 rifle.

“There really isn’t any reason to have one of these weapons other than to kill a high number of people in a very short time,” DeLauro said. “One in five officers who has died in the line of duty was killed by an assault weapon… These assault weapons in a home are a recipe for tragedy.”

DeLauro explained that the tax credit idea seemed better than a gun-buyback program because of the high cost of assault weapons, generally between $800 and $5,000.
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