Full Version: Oh, the Conspiracy to Get Women to stick Bug Spray up their twats:Tampons Found To Be Contaminated With Glyphosate
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The herbicide glyphosate ( best known as Roundup by Monsanto) is considered by the World Heath Organization to be a probable carcinogen.

Super human radio reports:

Researchers Dr. Damien Marino of the University of La Plata wrote in their paper “85 percent of all samples tested positive for glyphosate and AMPA 62 percent, which is the environmental metabolite, but in the case of cotton and gauze the figure was one hundred percent”

This is horrible news to say the least. Many of the items tested were labeled as sterilized and suitable for application on wounds which would give the glyphosate direct entry to the blood stream. In the case of tampons, the exposure would be even greater.
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