Full Version: Schizophrenic Canadian man who disappeared in 2012 is found 6,500 miles away
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.... in the Amazon jungle after walking barefoot across two continents
Anton Pilipa disappeared from his Vancouver, Canada home in 2012
He was spotted 6,500 miles away walking barefoot in the Amazon jungle
The 39-year-old had no money or identification on him when he was found
Pilipa survived by scrounging in the trash for food and clothes, picking fruit, and relying in the kindness of strangers
Family said they had almost given up hope before they received the call before Christmas that Pilipa was in Brazil
Stefan said he was shocked by the condition of his brother, whose body and face had 'taken the toll' of such an incredible journey
Anton has now returned to Canada where he is living with Stefan, his sister-in-law and their children

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