Full Version: 10 Science-backed benefits of cannabis
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Research continues to show that for dozens of conditions, cannabis could be a natural solution.

1. Cannabis can relieve many types of pain

2. Relief from anxiety
In the right amount, cannabis has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress in users. However, the dose makes the poison: For many people, too much cannabis can cause anxiety to spike instead. CBD oil can also help reduce feelings of anxiousness.
3. Eases depression
Studies have shown that the infamous plant has anti-depressive benefits as well. Specifically, the plant compound CBD has been shown to exhibit similar effects on depression as pharmaceutical antidepressants.
4. Cannabis protects brain cells ..
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5. Fights Alzheimer’s disease
In addition to protecting the brain against damage, studies have shown that THC, a compound in cannabis, can slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the plant may help reverse the degenerative condition entirely.
6. Relieves the symptoms of MS
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a serious disease with no currently known cure. But studies have shown that cannabis can provide much needed relief to people who have MS – especially those struggling with painful muscle spasms. Muscle spasticity effects an estimated 90 percent of MS patients. Studies show that cannabis can help relieve this symptom; survey data indicates that as many as 97 percent of MS patients could benefit from it.
7. Eliminates nausea, increases hunger ..

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8. Treats IBD
For patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), cannabis could be a novel treatment that provides symptom relief. Studies suggest that both THC and CBD (two well-known cannabinoids) play an important role in gut function – and the benefits can’t be ignored.
9. Cannabis reduces seizure activity
There is much to support the fact that cannabis reduces seizure activity in people with seizure disorders. There is a mountain of evidence which shows children with intractable seizures have experienced a drastic reduction in seizure frequency thanks to cannabis.
10. It prevents tumor growth ..
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