Full Version: Russia offers new U.N. resolution on Syria
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Russia's new draft for a Security Council resolution on the Syrian crisis is "insufficient" but could be improved, Germany's U.N. ambassador said Thursday.

Russia's ambassador insisted that the resolution "considerably strengthens" previous drafts "with regard to the interest in violence, with regard to the need to uphold human rights, with regard to expediting reforms."

The resolution would also "give a strong message to the Arab League that we encourage them to continue their efforts, and working together with the government of Syria, and to carry out its plans to deploy the monitoring mission in Syria," Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said at the U.N. on Thursday.

The Russian proposal "strongly condemns" violence "coming from all parties, including disproportionate use of force by Syrian authorities."

The draft does not include any sanctions or arms embargo.

German Ambassador Peter Wittig suggested that diplomats "can close the gaps between members of the council" on a resolution.

"We are considering the Russian draft, and after our first study, we think it is insufficient," Wittig said.

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